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The workshop aims at

a) providing participants with personal visual experience of low level light conditions as they are encountered in a natural nightscape, rid of unbalanced artificial lighting, as well as with opportunities of evaluating their sufficiency for a self-sustaining perception of a genuine night ambience

b) developing skills of utilizing the subjective perception potential of brightness sufficiency by means of advanced lighting control technologies, which are being creatively deployed to support meaningful temporal patterns of light variations synchronously intertwined with accordingly selected auditory stimuli towards the creation of a  LIGHT CHOREOGRAPHY


Due to unforeseeable measures against COVID-19, with an anticipated adverse impact on the mobility of potential participants from abroad, this time the workshop will take place online from the 5th to the 7th October 2021, while it will fully retain its practice-oriented approach to the respective educational process, providing the participants, via a HD web camera, visual access to the results of their lighting design choices, which will be implemented remotely and transmitted to their screens via a Webex or Zoom platform.



The workshop encompasses


1. KNOWLEDGE about following topics

  •  Cultural Background of Light Choreographies
  •  Semantics of Dynamic Lighting Patterns
  •  Dynamic Visual Perception
  •  Dynamic Lighting Technologies
  •  Dimming Technologies
  •  Lighting Control Systems and respective Interfaces

to be conveyed to the participants with respective lectures


2. EXPERIMENTATION TRAINING consisting in the fulfilment of following tasks

  •  Configuration and Masking of a 100 RGB-LED-Pixel to be arranged accordingly over a floor surface along a band of 4m length
  •  Lighting Control Exercises – Programming of Dimming Curves, Scenes and Cues
  •  Generation of a Light Event Timeline according to the respective evaluation of the timeline of auditory stimuli of a selected soundtrack
  •  Dynamic Lighting Programming and Specification of all intermediate scenes according to the generated timeline
  •  Implementation of the derived Light Choreography composition on the masked floor surface, backlit by a digital pixel-addressable colour tuneable configuration
  •  Discussion about possible Fields of Application of the finished design

to be conducted with remote technical support for all electrical connections and with remote access of participants to the software interface


You can find here an indicative short description of a sample project, in which the skills, to be acquired through the participation in the workshop, can be applied.



5 October 12:00 – 20:00 CET

6 October 12:00 – 20:00 CET

7 October 12:00 – 20:00 CET




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Argiro Vatakis Christos Kakalis IVA VASSILEVA







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