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Application form
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In order to publish photos and/or videos featuring your person on our webpage, our social media, in newspapers and in other forums we require your consent. The photos and/or videos will be taken in connection to your participation in the Rethink the Night! 2021 workshop. (Please note that photos and videos published on the internet can be widely distributed and their use cannot be controlled and also that publication on the social media can mean transfer of data to a third country).

Yes, I consent to the publication of photos and videos of me on the website of Rethink the Night! Workshop, on the social media (these include Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linked In and Youtube), in newspapers, periodicals, advertising and other printed material (for example reports).

Hereby, I agree that Hellenic Illumination Committee will collect relevant data in the form of personal information from me concerning my participation during the Rethink the Night! 2021 workshop. My personal information will be used solely for the purpose of assuring me as a participant and for the content of the workshop.



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