Workshop 2015 - Media Partners Reports

Reports about our International LD Workshop have been published on pages 198-199 of the issue 89 (February/March 2016) of MondoArc and in the issue January/February 2016 of the german magazine LICHT.

Encouraged to continue


The short film (s. here) about the last workshop on the island of Kea reminds us of the success ingredients which shall inspire our next actions towards the upcoming workshop.

Workshop Report 2015


The 2nd International Lighting Design Workshop – ILDW "Rethink the night!" has finished, offering to all the participants the experience of designing nightscapes in accordance with the natural lighting levels of night sky by participating in the above illustrated projects of Holy Trinity, Sts. Anthony & Minas and Archangel Michael. The participants from Germany, India, USA, Denmark, Italy, Cyprus, Colombia, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Mexico etc. attended lectures on Contrast Oriented Lighting Design and Darkness Minded Concepts (Dr. -Ing. Georgios Paissidis), Darkness in Art, Literature and Architecture (Ruairi O’Brien), Authentic Night Experiences - Theory + presentation of SQM Technology (Dr. Günther Wuchterl), Towards a more natural light (Lara Elbaz), Projection Mapping in Lighting projects (Christoph Drews) and Exterior Lighting Design for Sacred Spaces (Iva Vassileva). A first report about the results of the Workshop has been published in the architectural magazine DOMES (s. here). The 3rd ILDW will take place again on the island of Kea from 10th to 14th of October 2016 under the auspices of the Holy Metropolis of Syros. 

Documentation of last RtN-2014 Workshop & Foretaste of upcoming RtN-2015 Workshop

Inquiring RtN-2015 Participants can gain an insight into indicative RtN activities by watching the movie.

Workshop Report 2014


The 1st International Lighting Design Workshop under the motto "Rethink the Night" has finished, leaving behind memories of exemplary nightscapes. The next LD Workshop will be staged under the auspices of the Holy Metropolis of Syros in Kea on the occasion of IYL 2015 and focus on the integration of small chapels into the nightscape of the capital of Kea, Ioulis. Here you can look at a first short report in the greek language. More news will be published in the relevant editions of our media partners soon.

International LD Workshop 2015


The International LD Workshop of 2015 has been registered as the national CIE - IYL Event in Greece and will have its focus on experimentation with outdoor lighting techniques on the verge of scotopic vision once again.


Workshop Report 2011

The Hellenic Illumination Committee (HIC) completed its first Lighting Design Workshop in October 2011. The workshop focused on the formation of the urban nightscape - the creative integration of highlighted cultural heritage elements into a fascinating urban nightscape, due to the unexpected appearance of monuments at night.





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